What is Cards and Chard?
This website was started as a fun place to share my crafty love with the world. I was already crafting daily and I thought it’d be fun to show my card creations. There are cardmaking and stamping basics, tutorials, and product reviews. I also share my tips and tricks as well as my missteps when it comes to making handmade cards.

I have no idea what you’re talking about in your blog posts. How do I start cardmaking?
The “Card 101” menu bar at the top of your screen is being built up with cardmaking, stamping, and papercrafting basics. If you’re a beginner or you’d like to get into cardmaking, these posts will be perfect for getting started.

What is Chard?
Short for chardonnay, the white wine. I’ve been a wine lover for many years and I love a glass of chardonnay or rosé, especially while I’m crafting!

Do you personally sell craft products on your website?
I do not sell any products directly from my website. I do, however, include links in all of our posts to where you can purchase the product(s) mentioned online and some may be affiliate links where I earn a percentage of commission to help fund the work I put into this website.

Do you sell your cards?
My cards are not currently for sale. They are given to friends and family.

Where are you located?
I relocated to South Carolina in 2007 after being born and raised in New Jersey my entire life.

Are you sponsored by companies to give reviews? Can I trust the reviews?
I love to work with companies on collaborations, but I do not do reviews or feature products simply because I was paid or sent product for free. I only feature products I actually use and love.

How do I search for or find specific content on Cards and Chard?
There are a few ways to go about finding specific content on Cards and Chard. You can use the “Search” box and use a phrase, keyword, product or brand name, and get results. The drop down menu “Occasion” is a fast, simple way to sort through archived blog posts by specific types of cards.

What is your day job?
I am a professional makeup artist and full-time blogger/content creator. I actually do this for a living, but with beauty and makeup. I am the owner of BeautyGala.com, which has been running since March 2010.

Can I use your photographs?
All Cards and Chard photographs are watermarked. You may link to my content or repost photography as long as credit is given. No photography is to be used without permission.

How do I see more detail in your blog post photographs?
Click on any photograph in a blog post and it will expand to a larger size with more detail.

How do I contact you?
You can contact me at Rebecca@cardsandchard.com. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram by using the social media icons in the sidebar of the main page.